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Hello Everybody!

As you may or may not know, I have a part time job at Waitrose which allows me to get a discount at John Lewis. This is the best thing ever for make up and means that I can buy high end stuff for so much cheaper! With this in mind, I am going to show you all the things that I recently bought myself from the John Lewis website as a little Christmas treat. I am going to list the normal retail prices for them though.

Also I apologise for the swatches because my pale hands are quite veiny but I think they give a pretty good idea.

Benefit Coralista Blusher

This is the first product that I have ever bought from Benefit which is really suprising considering I have had this discount for over a year now! Anyway, first of all the packaging is so cute and the brush is really nice too. However personally I would not use this brush to apply the blusher because it seems like it might be a better brush for contouring and is not as soft as some of my other brushes. The mirror seems unnecessary as it is too small to actually use for anything.

The colour is very pretty and shimmery and I'm sorry that my swatch isn't great for this product because it is quite subtle (good for pale people though). It is of course a coral colour as the name suggests but more on the pink side of coral rather than orange and it is glittery.

This blusher costs £23.50. I do not think it is worth that much because the amount you actually get is tiny! I like it but it is very overpriced and you can probably get some really good dupes in the drugstore. However if you want a treat (or get a discount like me haha) then go for it because it is very nice.

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette

I bought this palette because I love my Naked 3 Palette but was after some more matte colours as there isn't that many in that selection. This palette is smaller and more compact and the packaging is very solid feeling. The mirror is also very handy and would be good for travelling or just to keep in your handbag.

There are 5 matte colours and one shimmery colour. The shimmery colour is the lightest and is called 'Venus'. It is a pretty highlighting colour and is actually strangely similar to the MAC vanilla pigment which I also mention in this post. The other shades are very neutral and nicely pigmented. I have been after a good matte shade for my eyebrows for a while and I think the colour 'Naked 2' would do very nicely as it is a very light brown. 

This costs £19.80 and I would recommend it. However bear in mind that it is a lot smaller than the main Naked Palettes.

MAC Pressed Pigment in Deeply Dashing

This is a very shimmery colour and looks so pretty in real life. It is solid feeling (this is my best way to decribe it not feeling as powdery as a normal eyeshadow but not quite creamy) It is a nice neutral bown that can be worn by all skin tones and I am keen to try this on my eyes!

This costs £17 which is a bit pricey but all these products are high end so they're going to be! You get a decent amount and I love the sparkles.

MAC Vanilla Pigment

This is a beautiful product! You only need a tiny amount as it is soooooo pigmented (I guess that is why it is called a pigment..). I would probably only take the product from the lid as that is all you need and then apply it to the brow bone or cheekbones. My swatch does not do it justice but you can see that I have only put on a tiny amount and the camera has caught the shine! I am really excited to use this as it is ridiculously pretty. 

This costs £17 and it is definitely worth it as you get so much product and only need a little each time as it is so pigmented. It will probably last a lifetime. I love it.

MAC Lipstick in Crosswires

Yes I have purchased my first ever MAC lipstick. (Woo! Yeah!) I don't know why but it seems like every blogger has to have a MAC lipstick so this is mine.  

Just in case some of you are as new to MAC as me, I would just like to talk briefly about the packaging. I love it. It seems so sturdy and such good quality and I love the simple design and the satisfying sound it makes when you close it. (Oh the simple things in life!). 

It is in the shade crosswires which I chose because ages ago on youtube it was recommended by Essie Button who is pale like me. The colour is a coral and looks really good on me so I would recommend it to pale girls like me haha. It is also not too bright so I don't feel self concious wearing it which was a worry for me. This is a Cremesheen which I really like as it is creamy and has a slight gloss finish. 

This costs £15.50 and I think it is probably worth it.

After I did the swatches I washed my hands with soap and water. The MAC lipstick, pressed pigment and the 3 darker urban decay eyeshadows did not budge. The blusher and MAC vanilla pigment were washed off. I think this can be a good indicator of the quality of staying power if you were interested! :)

love, Phoebe
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  1. This is a really good review, some lovely products there! Wish I got discount at john lewis!

    Please check out my blog

    Meme xx


    1. haha i know i love my discount a lot :)

  2. Mac is a great brand I love it. Your review is really good aswell. :)

  3. I love that lipstick, im browsing at MAC lipsticks at the moments and deciding which one I want aha

    Kia x x x

    1. There are so many lovely shades to chose from!! x