My New Make Up Brushes

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So payday arrived! Yipee! So I thought I'd treat myself to some make up brushes that I had been meaning to get for ages. 

The first two brushes are both MAC and are the 239 brush and the 217 brush. They are both extremely soft which is good for the delicate area around your eyes. So far I have used the 239 brush for the first eye shadow that I apply over the whole lid and the fluffier 217 brush to blend the second colour into the crease. I also find the 217 brush very good at dabbing on more glittery types of eye shadow.

The third brush is the Zoeva  127 Luxe Sheer Cheek brush. This was a brand that I was keen to try out ever since Zoe (Zoella on youtube) used the brushes in one of her makeup tutorials. I was very pleased with the one I got! It has to be the softest brush I have ever felt and when I first opened it I spent ages just feeling it!! It is best for applying blusher or bronzer. I am very keen to buy more brushes from this brand!

I ordered the two MAC brushes from the official MAC website and got free delivery with my purchase. The 239 brush was £20 and the 217 brush was £18 so they were definitely an expensive treat!

The Zoeva 127 brush I ordered from their website. The ordering system was slightly odd I found. You first completed the order and then separately paid using Paypal. The price of the item was in euros and there was no option to change to £pounds however using paypal it was just converted so that wasn't really a problem. This brush was £15.96 including postage and packaging.
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