Take Me Back to Croatia

For me, 2016 was a brilliant year for travelling. Unfortunately, this also happened to be the year I was least active on my blog. However now, on this dreary Bristol day, I am reminiscing about the beauties of summer and in particular the beauty that is Croatia and thought I would share a blog post all about it.

Last summer I visited the coastline near Dubrovnik with my family and, as you can see from the photos, this place was stunning.

The walled city of Dubrovnik (or Kings Landing as some would say) was so pretty in the sun with the orange roofs looking beautiful against the blue sky.

We walked around the wall as the sun set and, although this was supposed to be one of the coolest times to do it, I still boiled in the heat haha! But for the views it was worth it.

We also did a boat trip around a few of the nearby islands and found some hidden treasures.

The most beautiful spot though, in my opinion, was Cavtat Port which was where we were staying. Every night there was the most beautiful pink and orange sunset which made for some great photos - the colours and the boat silhouettes were stunning.

Those of you who follow me on instagram will recognise this last photo - honestly though it looked even better in real life!

Croatia was deinfiely one of the highlights of my travels last year. Have you ever been?

Love, Phoebe x

2016 Favourites


Since I have been gone for a while on this blog (and have therefore missed all 4 seasonal favourites posts), it seemed only right to sum up all my favourite products I used last year in one blog post.

Jo Malone perfume - Blackberry and Bay

I received this for Christmas in 2015 and this then became my signature scent in 2016. Up until this point I had switched about with relatively cheap fragrances but now I cannot see myself ever wearing something else. Now, yes, this perfume is expensive but I have never owned a perfume which I put on in the morning and can smell on myself in the evening. What I love the most about it is how the way the smell changes throughout the day: It is not my absolute favourite when I first spray it, but give the perfume an hour to work its magic and the smell is wonderful.

Jo Malone have a wonderful range of very unique and mature scents and I would encourage you to check them out and find the one for you. I would advise going to a counter and spraying them on different parts of your skin and deciding the one you like the smell of the most after a few hours.

The Body Shop Cleansing Butter

This is a wonderfully affordable product that I used throughout 2016 in between my Liz Earle Cleanse And Polish. This product is a "butter" and melts away makeup and cleanses skin at the beginning or end of the day. It leaves skin feeling clean and moisturised - I love it!

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YSL Touche Eclat Foundation - BR10

I first tried this a few years ago (the haul is still up on my blog!). I haven't looked back! I always have a cheaper foundation on the go at the same time to save my money but nothing I have found beats this. I love light foundations and hate the feeling of thick sticky foundation on my face and the coverage of this is certainly not full, but good enough for me. This foundation is weightless and semi-matte. I enjoy wearing it the most in summer when my skin is less dry and I find it strangely looks very good with sun-cream glowing underneath it. The colour is very good for my skin tone too.

Collection Eyeliner

When I wear makeup I rarely leave the liquid eyeliner step out. The felt tip style are my favourite and in 2016 I transitioned from the Soap & Glory one to the Collection one. These eyeliners are so easy to use but are not perfect and certainly do not last 24 hours!! (they lose their "blackness" after a while and definitely smudge if you aren't too careful!). However, for £2.50 it is decent and a product that I just keep re-purchasing. I can't complain.

Zoeva Makeup Brushes

When I was reading back through my old posts I found myself mention how much I wanted the rose gold set of these brushes (read that post below). Well, my wish came true Christmas 2015 and I haven't stopped using them since. Wonderfully soft and beautiful on your dressing table - what a treat!

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Bath and Bodyworks candle - Venice

On my trip to LA in 2016 we paid this shop a visit. I smelt all the candles and settled on this one being my favourite scent. It is a peach scent and is the best combination of fruity, sweet and fresh without being at all sickly. It is the perfect smell that I want my room to be filled with, and these candles definitely fill your room with the beautiful scents. I have used it sparingly though because I don't want it to run out!

I also happen to have visited Venice, feel free to give that post a read.

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Music - Palace

I discovered this band in 2016 and they are the perfect chilled out band! I love having their album "So Long Forever" on in the background at uni. Definitely check them out on Spotify.

What were your favourites of 2016?

Love, Phoebe x
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